Pascal Pienaar’s Long Road To Her Dream

The roads sometimes take us to unexpected places, but we decide if we are going to dance or sit on the road. Pascal Pienaar tells her dreams after years of praying, now is a reality.

As I look at her and her YouTube videos, one thing is clear, Pascal Pienaar really had to be a hippie child in a previous life. A head full of flowers and a heart full of joy that could flood the world. It may sound funny for those who have never met Pascal, but she is a friendly, grounded girl who loves her people, animals and every moment of life.

She is dancing as if no one is watching and loves herself. She is originally from Middelburg and had only one dream, from an early age she wanted to become an actress. We talk to Pascal and hear who this sparkling woman is doing.

Photo by: @mandistanderphotography

Who is Pascal?

“I am a quiet person who loves my friends, family, nature and my dogs. I spend almost every weekend with my family. This is where I can be the most true to myself. To be close to my friends and family make me happy. I like to listen rather than talk but every now and then I can be terribly talkative and then I’m also a fool. I’m proud to say that I get my sense of humor and my rhythm with my father, Eugene.” Pascal describes herself as an ambivert, it’s somebody who is an intro-and extrovert simultaneously. ” I reload my energy while spending time with myself. I love my own company, alone with my dog. ”

Where she started

Pascal grew up between Middelburg and the Cape and was in several primary schools, including Kanonkop Primary School and Middelburg Primary School. From there she went to St Mary’s DSG where she spent her high school years.

“I did my honors in cabaret and I loved every second of it.  I loved cabaret because I could hide behind songs, accents and caricatures. “

During her honors year, Pascal shaved her hair for an honors production and, according to her, she looked like a boy. “It was difficult to get an agent in the Cape because everyone’s books were full, but I actually think that my look was not popular at the time. I’ve been out of work for a long time and then one day decided to go back to college. I had an audition at Binnelanders for the role of sister Naomi Ferreira, now being portrayed by Je-ani Swiegelaar.

The day after the audition I boarded a plane to New York to get a degree in script writing. I had mixed feelings when I got on the plane, but on the day that I landed I heard that I did not get the role.  ”

Disappointment and rejection is not easy, especially in an industry where you get it on a daily basis, but Pascal continued to hope and pray.

The long road continues…

Six months later, Pascal returned to South Africa with the plan to star in a one-man show at the Atterbury Theater, where she could get as many agents as possible to see her. “I was hoping that it might open a door for me, but no jobs wanted to make their appearance.

I started testing the water by starting work in the wine industry and also taking pictures of myself to send out to agents – I was not satisfied with the road I had to walk. And then I began to pray – a lot. ”

Many people think it’s easy to break into the entertainment world, but there are many artists who do not make it. I think we are like seeds that are planted. Some people just stop before breaking the surface and others long before it. Those who still believe that the heights are meant for them are the ones who make it.

Photograph by: @mandistanderphotography

The turning point

One day in the bathrooms of the Ritrovo Restaurant in Pretoria, she admired posters of old operas, musicals and films while she was washing her hands. As she looked at them, it woke something up in her and she started crying. In that moment that Pascal realized that she was trying to run away from her dream, because of fear. As fate wanted, her camera broke that same day – which meant that her backup career was over. She told us that she had fallen on her knees and asked God to send her something.

On that same afternoon she received a call from Binnelanders who invited her to an audition. “Another Binnelander audition, and this time it was the role of Karlien du Preez, a” bratty nurse. ” I was at a funeral the day I got the missed call from Binnelanders.  “You got the roll and you should see us on Monday!”
I ran into our home in tears, my mother asked if I was sad about the funeral. My only answer was “No, these are tears of joy! I got work. I’m going to play in Binnelanders! My prayers are heard! ”

Her role as Karli du Preez

That was four years ago and we celebrate Binnelander‘s 13th birthday this year. Meanwhile, the character’s name changed to Karli, and she acquired a whole family: brotherChristiaan (played by Retief van der Liefde), brother Herman (played by David Konrad), mommy Jana (played by Brumilda van Rensburg) and father Markus (played by Lieb Bester).

The character has already been through hell and back – and here she still is! “Pascal adds,” A dream is just the idea, but you need an action to get a result. You have to pray as if the Lord had given it to you and keep dreaming. ”

“Do not give up, it’s always the point where you want to give up what things are happening. Work hard and be cool with yourself.”

We at BLOSS believe with Pascal that your dreams can come true anytime. What if you would give up today while your breakthrough might come tomorrow? Is giving up today is really worth it?

Written by Francois Olivier
Francois Olivier
Francois Olivier


Francois Olivier is Media24's acclaimed Celebrity Photographer and Designer. He is currently the owner of Olivier Productions & Vocal Coaching SA, and has worked with industry leaders like Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, Nicholis Louw, Gerhard Steyn, Karlien van Jaarsveld and many more. With his fourteen years of experience in the fashion and modeling industry the magazine and publishing world is the next stepping stone.

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