How to pick the perfect Matric Farewell dress

Find the perfect dress and it’s all downhill from there! No I’m not drifting off on a bridal tangent, I’ve got some advice about your perfect Matric Farewell dress. Here’s a good place to start:

1. Most importantly make sure you pick a colour that suits your skin tone, and a style that is flattering for your body type. If you are planning on a colour you don’t usually wear make sure to test it out before going for it.

2. Definitely pick something that makes you feel confident and preferably comfortable, so you can dance the night away.

3. Keep in mind what season your farewell is in; it’s kinda like buying a bulky cover for your sleek new smart phone, no point in covering an amazing dress.

4. Make sure to have a final fitting. To loose: the sagging look won’t “go down” too well, and too tight: well one can only hold their breath for so long.

5. If you are still unsure you cant go wrong with something classic, and if you feel amazing in the dress then it’s the perfect one.



Photography By: Amorie Arts

Dresses: Claris by Gerrit Pienaar

Models: Amorie Pearson and Cherye Leah

Extensions: Strands of Love Hair Extensions by Hair Extension Girl

Styling: ThatHairGirl

Angelique Shehata
Angelique Shehata

International Business Developer

Angelique Shehata has a LLB law degree from the University of Pretoria and is excited about sharing the BLOSS platform with South African women who stay abroad through her international travels. Her passion for the youth inspired her to start the matric experience platform in 2015 to educate young people and guide them through their future career plans.

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