GoldFish in the Gardens

After a long absence from the music events calendar of South Africa, GoldFish was back with a bang on July 7th for a performance at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. With a slow start to the day, gates finally opened at 10:30 to allow the early birds entrance. Of course, BLOSS was ahead of the pack with our cameras ready for the day. While it looked like they were still setting a few things up and getting ready for the masses, we went around to get the lay of the land, making sure we knew where the bathrooms and the bar is. What more do you need for a day with good music sure get our feet dancing? Supported by acts such as Kaldenberg, Little Ringo, Go the Rodeo, I Am, Easy Freak, Shekhinah, Chrizz Beatz, Vin D (94.7), Crazy White Boy ft. Apple Gule (CT), Austin Cassim and Mac G (94.7) the day promised to be a banger! Kaldenberg, a new band making way, kicked off #Oasis2018 pleasantly surprising with an unusual vocal from lead singer Calvin. Next up was Little Ringo, never disappointing, followed by Go the Rodeo. The day continued lazily on with the crowd growing by the minute. Parents with kiddies, aunts and uncles, families and friends – an event with something for everyone.

The all-access media passes so graciously gifted to us (thank you Oasis!!) allowed us to have a chat with some of the bands and DJs backstage. It also gave us entrance to the much appreciated seating area of the VIP lounge (a must for at least once in your life #VIPexperience). Rubbing shoulders with the awesome organisers of the event we ended up chatting a little with 94.7 DJ and MC for the day, Alex Caige, as well as the bands I Am, Little Ringo and some of the other VIP guests to find out what they’re expecting from the day and of course to fangirl together about GoldFish #swoon.

The food vendors at the event were well prepared with Hudson’s Burger Joint making an appearance with their signature burgers as well as Chip n Dip, which is always a crowd pleaser. Throw some donuts into the mix and you’re set with some yum-yum for the tum.

With the sunset in the background and the music getting louder, the crowd was definitely ready for GoldFish to take the stage. And what a set it was! Old favourites like Three Second Memory, Moonwalk Away and One Million Views had the crowd bopping and hopping along in no time. They even entertained with a few of their new songs from their recently released album Late Night People. GoldFish blew us away and we’ll certainly let them do it again!

The night was closed with Austin Cassim taking the decks and Mac G finishing up. Both continuing the party which started early in the day. What an #oasisexperience!

We’ll definitely be back for more! Till the next one.

Magdie Raats
Magdie Raats

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With a honors degree in Audio-Visual Communication and 10 years’ experience in the media industry, Magdie Raats started her own female glossy in 2013. Four years later, she re-invented the wheel with a never-been-done business structure in the media and integrates print with technology through innovative and exiting ways. BLOSS - is not only a magazine, but an international media platform. With a passion for young women, beauty and the media, she also owns her own make-up brand, STATUS COSMETICS and started BUILDINGWOMEN, a foundation to empower and uplift women in the building industry.

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