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This month we’re in the tropical City of Siem Reap in Cambodia, where the people are friendly, the food is scrumptious, the jungles are lush and the history is astounding. This is undoubtedly one of my all-time favourites. The locals are extremely gracious and I found it fascinating to learn not only about their ancient history, but also about their more recent plight under the brutal influence of the Khmer Rouge. They have come long way since then, emerging from isolation and just waiting to be discovered.

I was truly taken aback by Siem Reap’s Temples and that is in fact what it is most famous for! You can visit these by Tuk-Tuk or car, or even by bicycle for the more adventurous. Be sure not to miss Angkor Wat, one of the biggest religious monuments in the world. Other must sees, include Ta Phrom, the Tomb Raider Temple, where the movie was filmed and where the jungle wraps around and devours the ruins in the most fascinating way. The pink sandstone of Bantaey Srei and the giant faces of Angkor Thom & Bayon Temple are also highly recommended.

Beyond history, be sure to visit the incredible floating villages; entire villages of interconnected boats and floating houses where you can really get into close contact with the locals.

For the night crawlers there’s Pub Street and the night market in the heart of Siem Reap. Let’s face it, what South African would turn down a good inexpensive beer and a lively nightlife.

There’s so much more to see off the beaten track in Cambodia, with plenty to offer for singles, couples and families. But don’t forget you’ll need to dress appropriately when entering any of the religious temples so keep that in mind when you start packing for this incredible adventure. Travel happy!


Featured photo by…chuttersnap on Unsplash

Angelique Shehata
Angelique Shehata

International Business Developer

Angelique Shehata has a LLB law degree from the University of Pretoria and is excited about sharing the BLOSS platform with South African women who stay abroad through her international travels. Her passion for the youth inspired her to start the matric experience platform in 2015 to educate young people and guide them through their future career plans.

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